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I’ve always believed in the old saying that we must live life to the fullest. I am here to invite you to do that. Lu.Luz.Lua serves as a vessel to higher consciousness and life’s mysteries, and clue in my readers as to what inspires me in this ever-changing; evolutionary journey called Life.

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About Me.

As a child I wanted to be an astronaut and later on into my teen years I started to write tales about my teenager life, friends and what future held for us. At the age of fifteen I was ready to leave my birth city, Rio and travel the world starting in Australia. I had a very happy childhood and life in general, lots of friends, lived by the beach and I was always having fun. But the unknown and the world always exerted a fascination on me. At 17 I was finally able to go study in Australia as an exchange student. It was the beginning of my countless adventures and exploration of the world. I spent six months in Sydney and travelled to the West Coast. Once I arrived in a surfing town called Margaret River I found my new home for the next few years. I would spend the summers there and winters in Bali, always surfing and chasing the sunshine. I opened a swimwear business to sell swimsuits from Rio and  travelled the world doing that. Europe, Asia, South Africa, and finally made my way back to Brasil after a few years. California happened to me in the year of 2000 when I met a Californian surfer in Bali and moved to Santa Cruz with him.  In California I did my business college and later on Holistic Health where I became a certified massage and sports therapist. Right fresh from school I went to work for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 as a sports massage therapist for track and field athletes. A few years later I went to India to do a Meditation Teacher Training and finished my Master's degree in Metaphysics. I currently live between Rio and San Diego.

Open Book


An Open Book

Welcome to my blog, a place where I can share my greatest inspiration and candidly display the different sides of my life. Through my travels, stories, books and posts, I’ll give you a glimpse to my writing and soul. Because I see light everywhere.

Open Book
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Online & In person: WhatsApp: +18583547866

Encinitas, California, USA -  Barra da Tijuca, Rio - Brasil - Worldwide 

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